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Lulu Hayes reveals new collaboration for 2015 collection

By Lucy Anne Hayes, Feb 26 2015 10:07PM

Lucy Anne Hayes, Creative Director & Designer of luxury streetwear brand Lulu Hayes has recently revealed an exciting new collaboration which will feature in her up-coming 2015 collection.

Here, she reveals the creative process which lead her to collaborate with Visual Artist Eelco Maan.

"During my research for the new 2015 collection I came across a Dutch Visual Artist - Eelco Maan.

His austere & abstract style of painting was more than enough to draw my attention to the detail and concept behind his work.

Dutch Visual Artist Eeclo Maan
Dutch Visual Artist Eeclo Maan

Whilst exploring city lifestyle, street art and urban architecture as inspiration for the SS15 collection, I felt his style fitted in perfectly with the mood and feeling of the new collection.

Free Flow by Eelco Maan
Free Flow by Eelco Maan

I have always wanted each design in the collection to be largely unique in itself, yet sit perfectly alongside the other pieces. This is achieved by building a platform of various different sources that all share the same passion & interest.

Eelco had never imagined his artwork transformed into fashion until we decided to collaborate and work together on creating this beautiful design and colour pallet. These designs are now ready to print onto our luxury silks and tailored into the classic Lulu Hayes silhouette.

The new collection is now in production and we are both more than excited to see the finished garments on the models and with customers over the next few weeks and months."

We will publish some sneak peak pictures of the new designs soon so stay tuned...

Apr 8 2015 02:02AM by Flora Doehler

I also love Eelco Maan's paintings. His music is transformative too. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, am a painter and have been listening for years to his CD Crystal Horizons. I find it inspiring to paint to as well as for thinking! I often envision the images of his canvases while listening.
I think it's a great idea to use a painter's work in fabric design and I'll be watching here for your results!
All the best, Flora

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